Man murdered and dumped …”DEATH POND”

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The Ste Madeline Pond is now being called the “Death Pond”.

For the third time in recent times, a person, murdered elsewhere, was found in the pond.

The body of a man,wrapped with garbage bags, cloth and linoleum was fished out of the Ste Madeleine pond on Sunday morning.

A person called the police around 8.15 am to report that a strange object in the pond near the defunct Usine Ste Madeleine Factory.

Police responded and found the body. They believe the man was murdered elsewhere and his body dumped in the pond.

The body was bloated and was partially decomposed. His hands and feet were bound with wire and a cloth was wrapped around his neck.

Linoleum, garbage bags and cloth were wrapped around the body and tied with wire. Dressed in a black three quarter pants, police suspect the man was of light brown complexion, mixed decent and medium built.

The words “Star Bowy” was tatooed on the left arm.

On January 29, police found the body of PH driver Richard Beharry, 24, in a white Nissan AD Wagon that was partially submerged in the pond. Divers from Mon Repos Fire Station fished out the body which was slumped in the backseat with a gunshot wound to this head.

Both the hands and feet were bound with duct tape. A concrete brick was placed on the accelerator pedal.

On December 1, 2017, passers-by found the body of Canadian citizen Vishnu Narine, 57, in a gravel road near the bank of the pond. He had a gunshot to his face. On September 31, 2015, the body of Cheryl Mohammed, 55, was fished out of the pond.

Mohammed, of La Romaine, was fully dressed. The body had no visible marks of violence. An autopsy later found that the cause of her death was undetermined.

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