Man beats ex-lover in car park …”A GUN-TOTING MANIAC”

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The talking point on radio and television on Tuesday morning was why no one came to the rescue of Kemba Olufemi on Monday when she was being battered by her ex-lover Lloyd Logan, who later committed suicide.

There was mixed reaction to the attack which took place at Tropical Plaza, Marabella.

One person asked, “Have we become a society where we see someone being killed and we stood up and watched and even took pictures and videos with our cell phones?

Another asked, “Are we satisfied with saying that this was not our business to get involved in husband and wife affairs?”

Or as some people pointed out, Logan was beating the woman with a gun and no one knew if the gun was loaded or they would have become a victim of a shooting.

Logan, 60, beat Olufemi with a gun about 100 times before walking away and drinking poison in the car park of the Plaza.

Olufemi, 37, survived the brutal attack and was warded in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Police said Olufemi, a taxi driver who lives with her two children at Macaulay Village, Claxton Bay, had ended her relationship with Logan about two weeks ago, but they had arranged to meet at the plaza on Monday. She arrived there around 11 am.

The video showed a woman exiting the front seat of Olufemi’s car, which was parked near a casino at the Plaza, while Olufemi remained in the driver’s seat. Logan then walked up to Olufemi’s car, pulled out a gun, aimed it at her and pulled the trigger. But police said the gun jammed and did not go off.

Logan then began beating her on the head with the gun and pulled her out of the vehicle. Olufemi tried to fight back but he overpowered her, pulled her to the ground and continued beating her on the head.

At one point Logan’s gun flew out of his hand but he retrieved it and continued beating her. Seconds after he walked away, Olufemi got up and walked away.

Police responded and saw Logan drinking a bottle of paraquat in the car park. When he saw the police he put down the bottle, which was half empty and gave no resistance when the officers arrested him.

By this time several people had gathered around Olufemi in the car park. There was a lot of the blood on the ground and bloodstains on her car. An ambulance later took her to the hospital where she was treated and then warded. She suffered a fracture and several lacerations to the head.

Logan died while being attended to at the same hospital.

One Facebook post stated, “Crime has paralyzed a nation to react. Too scared to get involved. Too worried about getting killed innocently trying to help. It’s truly unfortunate.”

Another posted, “So many saw, passed, watched yet stood by and did nothing…real talk no wonder why the country got bad to worse because nobody will turn around to help anyone these days, yet talk about how the country getting bad an it not safe…smh.”

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Kemba Olufemi
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Kemba Olufemi’s lie on the roadway

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