Magistrate says no bail for doctor …”JUDGE RELEASED MEDIC”

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A magistrate refused to grant bail to a doctor on a manslaughter charge on Thursday. But hours later, the doctor got bail when his lawyer went before a Judge in Chambers.

Dr Ronald Budhooram was able to secure $250,000 approved bail through a High Court judge.

Budhooram, 60, was re-arrested and charged with manslaughter on Wednesday, following the discovery by police officers of a new born baby in a freezer at his San Fernando office in July.

He was not called upon to plead to the charge when he appeared before San Fernando Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine. The charged alleged that on a date unknown between June 30 and July 10 at Naparima Mayaro Road, Cocoyea Village, San Fernando, Budhooram, a doctor for 35 years, did unlawfully kill baby Kemron Jurai, a child of Gail Cindy Sooknanan born on July 1, 2017.

Sooknanan and Kimraj Jurai had taken the baby to the doctor’s office after he was born at their Sewlal Trace, Fyzabad home. They left the baby there and days later the baby’s body was found in the freezer. An autopsy revealed the baby died from complications due to pre-term delivery. The doctor was subsequently arrested, but released pending further investigations.

In asking for bail, attorney Subhas Panday said his client was a chronic diabetic. The magistrate refused to grant bail after she was told the doctor had been committed earlier this year on a 2013 charge of grievous sexual assault.

Despite Panday’s request for bail, the magistrate said, “I’m sorry. He already has one serious matter for which he was committed to stand trial in the High Court and this is another serious matter.”

She advised him to apply to a judge in chambers for bail. Panday immediately applied for bail before Justice Carla Brown-Antoine, who granted bail with clerk of the peace approval. The doctor has to return to court on January 11.

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Subhas Panday, left, and Dr Ronald Budhooram


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