Look out for Red Car, Indian man in Chaguanas …UWI STUDENT ESCAPES

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A 20-year-old student of the University of the West Indies escaped with her life from a suspected kidnapper on Monday night.

Police are probing two possibilities – that the girl was going to be raped, or she would have been a victim of human trafficking.

The girl, who prayed and begged for her life, was taken through agricultural access roads, before she was dropped off in an isolated area.

The girl’s mother said after the man held her captive for almost an hour, he received a phone call and he abruptly dropped her daughter off in an abandoned cane field road.

The mother said that her daughter wrote an examination that day and the friend she usually gets a lift with, did not go to the St Augustine campus that day.

She said her daughter took a taxi to Chaguanas and at around 8 p.m. sought transportation to get to their Longdenville home.

The student said that when she saw the man turned into a road in the opposite direction of her home, she began to question the driver.

The girl started crying and she began to pray. Then the driver got a phone call and he was speaking muffled to the person on the other end. He then stopped and told the girl to get out of the car in a cane field road, which she did.

The mother said her daughter walked for approximately 15 minutes before an off-duty police officer stopped and spoke with her. The girl was taken to the Chaguanas police station where she was reunited with her parents.

The girl’s parents filed a report on the incident to the Chaguanas police.

The mother took to Facebook and posted a warning to the public.

“Beware a red car in Chaguanas, (East) Indian aged man plying as a private taxi! To the open public, yesterday my daughter was abducted in Chaguanas whilst getting home from UWI”, she wrote. “The said person stopped his red car and told her to get out even though she was shaking and terrified. I thank God she is unharmed and safe”.

“Please guys if you have to use public transport don’t get in a vehicle without other passengers. If you must please note vehicle number and driver, description, etcetera, to someone whilst in the vehicle”, the mother wrote.

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