“How long Dr. Rowley will blame the UNC ?”

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THE EDITOR: The assertion by the Prime Minister that the UNC is to blame for the recent tragic murder of 15 year old school boy Joshua Andrews and taxi driver Devon Hernandez as he sat in his taxi at Trou Macaque is a continuation of the admittance that the ruling PNM Administration has FAILED in dealing with the issue of escalating crime in Trinidad and Tobago.

It is accepted by all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago that under the Peoples Partnership Government led by Kamla Persad-Bissessar the country was a safer place to live. Indeed the quality of life was much higher than what passes for life under the Rowley led Administration.

The concerns of the UNC regarding the Anti-Gang Legislation are ones which the government has refused to adequately provide answers in order to obtain the UNC’s Parliamentary support. Prior to this legislation laid in the Parliament a few months ago, what was the cause of the growing crime rate? Why can’t criminal activities be charged using existing laws?  What was the impact of the Anti-Gang Legislation when it was in place?

Dr. Rowley surrounding himself with incompetent Ministers including the Ministers of National Security has no other choice but to attempt to pass the buck to the UNC for the failings of his Administration. On September 2015 the population of Trinidad and Tobago elected the Rowley led PNM to govern the nation over the Kamla led UNC.

Having secured the position of government it is laughable were the consequences not so tragic that Dr. Rowley finds at every opportunity to blame the Opposition for his Administration continued and repeated failures. It is time that Dr. Rowley realizes that he got the job he applied for and to begin doing it.  If not call the election and let the population elect the UNC to get the job done and done properly. The UNC has a firm and unshakable track record of dealing with crime and is prepared to deal with crime once again when it forms the next government of Trinidad and Tobago.

If Dr. Rowley is serious about dealing with the crime situation in the country he should start first with firing with immediate effect the Minister of National Security, instead of foolish efforts like making the SSA exempt from the FOIA legislation as was done in the Parliament late December.

Devant Maharaj

Former Government Minister
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