London has fallen… the currency, that is

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Still planning a mid-year vacation?

The British pound has fallen by a startling 14 per cent against the United States dollar and 11 per cent against the euro.

The pound is now at a 31-year low.

So, this is great news for visitors to Britain.

Travel experts are detailing how the costs of tourist attractions, taxis, restaurants, drinks and other vacation stuff have fallen.

CNN has described London as “dirt cheap.”

That is a relative term, of course, especially for Trinidadians and Tobagonians with a foreign exchange shortage and generally tough economic times.

But now is a good time to visit if you want to take in the British theatre, or dine on English cuisine or tour Buckingham Palace or have a few pints at a tavern.

A major reason for the decline in the worth of the pound is that investors are dumping the currency following the recent controversial Brexit vote.

International financial experts are predicting that the currency would continue to plunge.

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