Life of another woman taken …WHO KILLED SHARLENE?

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Was Sharlene Somai the victim of a domestic dispute, a robbery gone sour, or some pervert hanging out in Chaguanas?

These are the questions which the Chaguanas Police are seeking answers following the discovery of the semi-nude body of the 23 year-old woman on Thursday.

One thing is certain. Police believe Sharlene knew her attacker.

What are the circumstances of her death?

Sharlene walked out of the house at Petersfield Road, Chaguanas,  around 8 pm on Tuesday, properly dressed to go to a nearby shop to buy a phone card.

But investigations show that she never reached the shop. Her cell phone was found on the steps of her house, meaning that she never voluntarily left her house. Who ever attacked her, did so in the gallery or yard of her house. In the struggle, her cell phone fell to the ground, unknown to her attacker.

Did anyone not hear her screams for help, providing there were screams. How could such an attack take place without a member of the household hearing?

Did her family not go to the shop to find out if Sharlene reached there? According to reports, they never did and went to sleep. It was not until later in the night when they realized Sharlene did not return home, that a search was carried out.

It took a full two days before Sharlene’s body was discovered. She was wearing a pink T-Shirt and bra only leading to suspicion that she may have been sexually assaulted. Only an autopsy can confirm that.

Police reports state that shortly after 1pm on Thursday, officers went to an access road off Petersfield Main Road, Chaguanas and found the body in some bushes in a parcel of land.

When found, there was a bag over Sharlene’s head and a piece of wire around her neck. She lived with her common- law husband, Suraj Toolsie, and other relatives a short distance away along Petersfield Main Road in Chaguanas.

Although relatives say they believe that she may have been abducted for unknown reasons, police investigators are working on the theory that she was killed by someone she knew.

Aunt Wendy Singh explained that Somai normally frequented and spent time at the parlour. So when a male relative told them that she had gone there, no one paid much attention. The relative said he was getting the child ready for bed and subsequently he fell asleep.

Singh added that he told relatives that at about 9 pm that same night, he woke up but Somai was nowhere to be seen. He then inquired from her brother her whereabouts.

“They looked outside and the lights were still on at the parlour so they assumed she was still there.

The relative went back to bed and at about 11.45 pm he again woke and discovered she was not there,” Singh added.

At that time the parlour was already closed and relatives became concerned and began to telephone her. During a frantic search for Somai, relatives discovered that she never made it to the parlour the night she was last seen alive.

“However, she was taken from the compound, the phone fell down in the gallery. They (relatives) found it at about 8 am the next morning and they knew immediately that something was wrong.” 

s brother, Christopher Somai, 21, said relatives did not observe any strange activities the night she went missing. 

“Sharlene and I had the best bond in the family. It is real sad. I cannot believe this happened. This is shocking, it is weird for something like this to happen to her. She was just so nice, just like me.” Another sibling, Anthony Somai, 24, said he believes that the death was “some sort of jealousy thing”.

A 35-year-old relative has been detained by police.

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