Lawyer’s secretary among the victims …”MURDER, MURDER, EVERYWHERE”

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The murders continued unabated with one of the victims being the secretary of a Chaguanas lawyer.

Police said the throat of Nicole Hosein-Debideen was slit. She was the secretary of Maria Ramcharitar whose office is located in a building adjacent to the Price Club Supermarket at Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas.

According to reports, around 10.15 am on Friday, Ramcharitar opened her office and went into the bathroom area when she discovered Hosein-Debideen’s body in a pool of blood.

Hosein-Debideen, 44, was dead.

Hosein-Debideen lived at Sanford Street East, California Village, Couva. She was a widow and had no children. Her husband, Marlon Debideen, died about two years ago.

Nicole’s mother Shirley, 67, said, “Every morning she would leave around 6.30 to go to church before going to work. I called her on the phone and she was already in office and I asked her if she ate breakfast yet and she told me no but added that she was going to eat just now. That must have been close to 8 am.

“This real shocking to me. My daughter lived with me and I heard of no threats and no enemies. I just trying to stay strong because we don’t know why this happened to her.”

Nicole was described as a church-going person.

Police are expected to view footage caught on surveillance cameras around to get a better idea of what may have transpired prior to her killing.

No arrests were made.


A businessman was killed and his wife is in a critical condition after her throat was slit at the business at Four Roads, Tamana, on Thursday night.

Police said John “JJ” Samaroo, 50, owner of JJ Mini Mart, died on the spot after he was attacked by two masked men who stabbed him several times about the body and slit his throat. His wife Susan, 50, was then chopped on her shoulder, legs, arms and her throat also slit.

Police were told that the persons went to kill Samaroo not rob him due to jealousy over the success of his business.

According to reports, around 9 pm on Thursday, Samaroo, a father of three, went to empty garbage at the front of his business when two masked men came from behind the walls of a church opposite and attacked him. He fought with his assailants, screaming for help but was overpowered as the men stabbed him about his body. After, he fell to the ground, one of the assailants took the cutlass and began slitting his throat until his screams stopped.

The men then went inside the mini mart and attacked his wife Susan.

She too put up a fight but was chopped about her body and her throat slit.

The men then escaped in a white Almera.


Akiel Clarke was a suspect in a murder. He became a victim of murder n Thursday evening.

Police said Clarke, 27, was a career criminal, having spent more than six years in prison for firearm-related offences.

Clarke’s criminal record included 34 charges for firearm-related offences, issuing death threats and drug possession in the San Fernando and Rio Claro districts dating back to 2006. Investigators said he was also suspected of murdering scrap iron dealer Son de Gale at his San Fernando home last month.

Police said they responded to a report of a shooting in the old train line community around 6 pm and found Clarke dead under a mango tree with five gunshot wounds to his back and two in his head.

They said Clarke was originally from Broadway, San Fernando, but had been staying at a friend’s home along Theresa Street for the past three months. No arrests have been made.


Cristov Lakatoo was shot dead in Laventille on Thursday night.

Relatives had earlier seen an image of Lakatoo’s lifeless body at the side of the road at Sandy Trace, St Barb’s, Laventille, on social media shortly after it was discovered on Friday morning.

According to a police report, at about 4.30 am, a passer-by found the body, which bore several gunshot wounds.

Relatives said Lakatoo, of Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, was not involved in any gang or drug-related activities and believes he may have been lured to the area where he was robbed and killed.

Investigations are continuing. No arrests have been made.

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Cristov Lakatoo

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