Law Association calls on Chief Justice …”COME ON, ARCHIE!”

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The Law Association has called on Chief Justice Ivor Archie to speak up on allegations questioning his conduct in office now in the public domain. The association says it is shocked at his deafening silence.

In a press release on Thursday, the council of the association said it was increasingly alarmed at allegations of improper conduct leveled directly and by implication against him, as head of the Judiciary.

The council added, “Of particular concern is the allegation that he has intervened to obtain preferential treatment in the distribution of public housing to his acquaintances.

“The council is even more troubled at the failure of the Chief Justice to respond to these damaging allegations despite calls from various quarters, including the Law Association, publicly and privately, that he do so with alacrity. The Chief Justice’s steadfast refusal to refute these and other accusations levelled against him is unacceptable and incomprehensible.”

The council said it is of the view the Chief Justic’s continued failure to challenge the allegations has the potential to irreparably bring the Office of Chief Justice into disrepute, and by extension tarnish the entire Judiciary.

“His continued silence is nothing short of reckless. As already stated publicly, the council of the Law Association had resolved to ascertain/substantiate the facts upon which the allegations made against the Chief Justice were alleged to be based with a view to determining what, if any, further action might be appropriate.

“In this regard, attention is drawn to Section 5 of the Legal Profession Act, which mandates that the purposes of the Law Association include representing and protecting the interests of the legal profession and promoting, maintaining and supporting the administration of justice and the rule of law.”
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