Killings in Debe …UPDATE: LINKED TO 2015 MURDER

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Police are looking into he possibility that Thursday night’s triple killing in Debe was linked to the May 17, 2015 murder of T&TEC linesman, Roger Romain.

Romain, 35, was ambushed and gunned down outside his home at Fazal Avenue, Penal. He was shot several times on the left side of his chest. No one was ever held for his murder.

On Thursday night, Kevin Fuller, 31, and Terry Edwards, 34, lay on the ground after being shot multiple times at Runway 69 Sports Bar, Wellington Road, Debe.

A third man, Sanjay Mahabir, was also shot and he died at the San Fernando General Hospital. A fourth man, 19, is nursing injuries to his leg.

Police suspect that Edwards and Fuller were the targets and Mahabir was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fuller’s mother, Joanne Fuller, told the media revenge was the motive for the killing of her son.

Joanne said Fuller and Edwards had been threatened many times following the shooting of Romain two years ago.
She said last year Fuller’s girlfriend, Stacy Gomes, was shot several times in the hand and chest, but survived.

“They tried to kill my son and they tried to kill she”, said Joanne.

“Everybody know who did this. This was revenge for Roger Romain who was shot two years ago”, said the mother.

She said her son was innocently blamed for that incident.

“My son was not even nowhere around. Is long time they have threats on them (Fuller and Edwards), they wanted to kill them”, said Joanne.

The mother said she was not  afraid to speak out against the killers.

“I don’t fear them, I fear God”, she said.

Police are awaiting video footage to take their investigations a step further.
MURDERED: TTEC linesman and fitness buff Roger Romain, who was gunned down outside his Penal home on Sunday. He will be buried on Saturday following a funeral service.

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