Killings at Chaguaramas …PM: “ACT OF TERRORISM”

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Sunday evening’s killings at the Chaguaramas Boardwalk took place in the Prime Minister’s Diego Martin West constituency.

And all Dr Keith Rowley could say is it was an act of terrorism. With the murder toll reaching 300 shortly, Rowley seems clueless as to what to do next. His Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon, has remained silent and all the police are doing now are searching vehicles in the west hoping to catch the killers.

The killers live in Chaguaramas. No rocket science in that!

Rowley described the incident in Chaguaramas as an act of terrorism and he has appealed to citizens that if they know of people who are arming themselves to let somebody know. Really Dr Rowley!

Last Sunday, Fabien Williams, Andrew Francis and Kadel Osbourne were shot dead on the Boardwalk, while Jakeem Moses, 8, Keron Jones and Ian Brown were wounded when gunmen opened fire on Williams.

Rowley extended his sympathy to all families that have experienced the effect of this tragedy. But he also expressed concern that persons “must know somewhere who is armed, who is doing this and in defence of the community and the country, we need to let the authorities know who is doing this, so that some kind of response, an appropriate response, can take place.”

He added, “it is wholly unacceptable that this type of, and I want to use the word terrorism, could take place and to date no one is held accountable.”

Rowley described the incident as “an attack on people relaxing in an environment where they are supposed to be safe.”

He said Government had been making “a lot of efforts around the country to bring back a sense of safety, but you make one step forward and there are people taking us two or three steps backwards.”

He appealed to those who know what is happening to speak out.

Rowley added, “There are members of families who know what is going on and are protecting these people and are putting the rest of the nation and other families at risk.

“There are people all over the country who are taking it upon themselves to be and to carry out cold-blooded killing and they are doing so under the understanding that nobody else will point them out or identify them as carrying guns and endangering the rest of the nation.”


On Tuesday, officers of the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) began stop and search exercises on vehicles entering and leaving the western peninsula.

The exercises, which involve the random stopping and searching of vehicles and their occupants, are now expected to take place during every rotation shift.

CDA officers will continue to work in collaboration with the Police Service and Defence Force to return law and order to the area.

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