Killing of Shannon Bansfield …2 MEN ARRESTED, HUNT FOR WOMAN

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Two employees of IAM and Company are being interrogated on Friday for the murder of 20-year-old Shannon Bansfield.

Dale Seecharan and Matthew Maharaj reportedly surrendered to the police on Thursday night after their photographs were circulated by the Police Service as “persons of interest”.

According to reports, Seecharan and Maharaj work at IAM but they did not report for work since Tuesday, IAM owner Ishmael Ali confirmed.

Further reports stated that the police are searching for a female employee of IAM. Shannon, who worked at Republic Bank Limited, Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, went to Pennywise store on Charlotte Street, shortly after 4 pm last Monday. She bought several items before going to IAM to make further purchases.

But she never left that store. Investigators revealed she was killed and her body dumped under some boxes on the third floor of the building. Her lunch bag and Pennywise products lay near the body.

Shortly after 2 pm on Thursday, a security guard at IAM went in search of a “dead rat” which was smelling up, not only IAM, but other places on Charlotte Street. He came upon a gruesome discovery. The dead body of the missing bank worker, already starting to decay.

He alerted his supervisors who called the police.

Investigators immediately asked for the names and photographs of all the employees. During their investigations, police found out that Seecharan and Maharaj did not report for work since Tuesday. A female worker was also missing.

Police locked down the area and questioned all employees. Within an hour, police issued bulletins for Maharaj and Seecharan as “persons of interest”.

Seecharan was arrested by police in a roadblock in the San Juan area on Thursday night. Maharaj surrendered to the police and was being questioned at Riverside Plaza, Port-of-Spain. He is being represented by attorney Randall Raphael.

An autopsy will be performed on Friday at the Forensic Sciences Centre, Federation Park. After that, police will approach the Director of Public Prosecutions for directions.

According to investigators, this killing will be solved.

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