The killing fields – 3 more victims …BUSINESSMAN, PENSIONER, TEEN

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Three more murders have been reported, including that of a Gasparillo businessman shot dead in his Range Rover. Also killed were a pensioner and a teenager.

The businessman who attended the opening of a night club at the South Park Mall, Tarouba, was gunned down in his Range Rover shortly after leaving the function in San Fernando on Saturday morning.

Naim Caliph, 34, was a passenger in the vehicle being driven by a friend when their vehicle came under fire on the Tarouba Link Road shortly after midnight.

The driver, who suffered an injury to the face, sped to the nearby Mon Repos Police Station seeking the help of officers. However, Caliph, of Lumsden, Gasparillo died in the vehicle, which was hit by at least nine bullets on the passenger side.

The Range Rover parked on the street outside the police station became a crime scene with police investigators examining it for clues. The major road into San Fernando was temporarily closed.

The killers escaped.

An autopsy will be performed on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park. While police have not released a motive for the shooting, investigators learnt that Caliph had a dispute recently with another businessman over United States currency.

Meanwhile, a 67-year-old pensioner is dead following an incident in Diego Martin on Friday night.

According to reports, about 11:30 pm on Friday, Aziz Armit was at his home in Cadet Hill, Diego Martin, when he was awakened by a strange noise.

Upon investigating, he found two men inside his home.

The pensioner confronted the intruders, however, instead of fleeing the scene, the men attacked the man.

During the attack, the pensioner was stabbed about the body.
The assailants then fled the scene.

An alarm was raised and the wounded man was rushed for medical treatment.

He died on arrival at hospital. An autopsy will also be performed on Monday.

In the third incident, a 17-year-old youth was shot dead in Petit Valley on Saturday morning. The murder toll stands at 61.



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