For killing ex-wife and hornerman …DEATH FOR CONTRACT KILLER

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A jilted husband and a man hired as a contract killer were sentenced to hang on Monday.

They were found guilty of killing the husband’s ex-wife and the hornerman.

Justice Malcolm Holdip, presiding in the San Fernando High Court, imposed the death sentence on Basdeo Ramlochan and Siewkumar Chankar Persad, the man who was paid $30,000 to kill Sunita Ramlochan and Rahim Abraham.

Sunita, 29, divorced her husband and had gone to live with Abraham, 46, who was a foreign used car dealer. The State led evidence that five minutes after Abraham and Sunita returned to their Avocat Village home on October 15, 2006, they were both shot dead.

Sunita’s daughter, 11, who was at home at the time, was unharmed.

The State called 27 witnesses, one of whom testified that he lived upstairs the house and heard a loud noise and then heard Sunta’s screams.

Hours later, officers led by Sgt Peter Ramdeen, arrested ex-husband Ramlochan at his home. Persad was arrested days later.

The jury retired for less than an hour before returning guilty verdicts. As Justice Holdip passed the death sentence on both men, their female relatives who sat in the public gallery began to weep.


The State’s case was not that Ramlochan and his friend Chanka Persad pulled the trigger, but that they sought out and hired a hit man to do the killings. The actual killers, who shot the couple in the bedroom of their Fyzabad home on the night of October 15, 2006, are still at large.

The evidence was that Sunita, Abraham and her 11-year-old daughter, who is also Ramlochan’s child, returned to their Kuldip Trace, St John’s Village, Avocat home around 11 pm after visiting the Divali Nagar site. They lived in a downstairs apartment at Sunita’s father’s home. Sunita’s father, who lived upstairs, told the police that five minutes after they got home he heard a bang and Sunita bawl “Oh God.”

The father then heard Abraham ask: “What you doing here?” followed by four to five explosions. The father started walking down the step, he said, when he saw two people going to the back of the house.

State attorneys Stacy Laloo-Chong and Anslem Alexander led evidence from police officers that Chankar Persad confessed to soliciting and paying a hit man, on behalf of his co-accused, to murder the couple. He gave the police an account of the role he played in the slayings.

The State also led evidence from a civilian witness (whose name has been withheld to protect him) that he was approached by Ramlochan on six occasions between 2004 and 2006 to help him find someone to carry out the murders. The witness, a security guard, testified that Ramlochan complained that he was having marital problems and his wife wanted to take his money, house and child. The State led evidence that Ramlochan and Sunita eventually separated and got a divorce.

Another civilian witness testified that in 2006 Ramlochan complained to him about his marital problems and told him he paid a man he called fatman $90,000 to carry out the murders, but nothing happened. The man also testified that Ramlochan told him that Chanka Persad arranged a meeting with a hit man and he (Ramlochan) took the hit man to where his ex-wife was living. He further testified that in October 2016, he was at Ramlochan’s home when he (Ramlochan) threw a bag containing $30,000 on a table, saying, “You think is joke I does be making.”

Basdeo Ramlochan, left, and Siewkumar Chankar Persad

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