Kidnap victim thanks Griffith …”PLEASE, WORK WITH COPS”

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Kidnap victim, Natalie Pollonais, has thanked Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith for the professionalism displayed by the Police Service in rescuing her.

Pollonais was kidnapped on September 6 after leaving the C3 Complex, San Fernando, and rescued by the police four days later on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, El Socorro.

She went a letter to Griffith on Monday

Griffith said Pollonais’ letter embodies everything he has asked of citizens that is, to partner with the police service and provide a united front against criminals.

He added, “Mrs Pollonais sent a letter to me yesterday and she gave me approval to read it to the public. Ladies and gentlemen this is what I ask all citizens to do…circle the wagons.

“If we work together, the Police Service and law-abiding citizens, we will be an unbreakable combination where once and for all we can do what is required to provide you with your fundamental rights of safety and security.”

He said the arrest of two policemen triggered some backlash from the public but he pledged to weed out corrupt elements from within the service and renew the public’s trust in it.

“And the more we do things like this, the more we continue to weed out those rogue elements in the police service, the more it will continue to show to the public that this is a totally different ball game.”

Griffith said while he understands the public’s fear and unease in light of the kidnapping, it was important to look at the glass as half full, given the speed and success of the police in returning Pollonais to her family.


Dear Mr Griffith,

Normally words come easy to me but for the first time ever I have some difficulty. How do you thank the men and women who have given back not only your life, but your very heart and soul?

My family and I will forever be grateful to the Commissioner of Police, the Anti-Kidnapping Unit and all those in the police service who worked tirelessly to ensure my safe return.

My faith in TT was restored on Monday September 10, when I became keenly aware of the intelligence, the coordination of resources, tactical effort, courage and dedication that was implemented by all in order for me to go home to my family.

A simple statement to some, but to me it was everything. My rescue clearly shows how unbreakable the bundle of sticks is and it shows that when Trinidad unites, there is nothing we cannot overcome.

I am deeply saddened that our citizens still want to stand apart, still want to separate the bundle. When will we stop being East Indian, Chinese, African, Syrian and white? When will we just be Trini? Like you, I pray for that day.

I would also like to thank your wife and the families of the Anti Kidnapping Unit who went without their husbands, wives and parents so they can continuously search for me. I am humbled by their sacrifice.

God works in many mysterious ways, I am blessed for the knowledge, courage and intelligence that He gave to you, the Anti Kidnapping Unit and the police service’s officers, all your prayers that touched your hearts, minds and bodies to guide and direct everyone in the right direction. Jesus, I trust in you.

Lastly, I would like to say I will stop at the next roadblock after ensuring that all the necessary parameters have been met, such as two or more marked police vehicles, several police officers in official uniform and the like. However, I hope that if it is a speed trap, after all that happened, I might get a bligh.”

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