Khan’s one-man protest against Chief Justice …”I AM NOT GIVING UP”

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Israel Khan SC led a silent one-man protest opposite the Hall of Justice, Port-of-Spain, against the continuing presence of Chief Justice Ivor Archie in office.

According to Khan, he is not giving up on his calls for Archie to resign or face a Section 137 Tribunal for impeachment.

Khan stuck two cardboard placards on the balcony of his office, located to the west of the Hall of Justice with slogans directed at Archie.

Khan, who has been a lawyer for over 38 years, claimed that the failure of Archie to respond to the allegations made against him had scandalised the Judiciary.

Khan added, “This is the worst it has been in the entire Commonwealth.” He said Archie was entitled to a presumption of innocence but the allegations had to be investigated by the police.

He also expressed disappointment at the pace of the Law Association’s response to the issue.

On Wednesday, Archie met with three lawyers to discuss the allegations and to gather his response to the Law Association.

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