Khan sees no crisis in Venezuela …”WAKE UP FRANKIE”

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Imagine the world knows there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, except Franklyn Khan, the Minister of Energy.

On Sunday at a press conference, when asked about the crisis in Venezuela, Khan asked, “what crisis? I don’t know what crisis he (Devant Maharaj) is talking about.”

Khan was one of the Ministers who followed Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to Venezuela on Saturday to sign a secret gas deal.

Everyone knows that about a million Venezuelans have fled their country because they cannot get food and basic necessities. It was becoming a problem here so much that Rowley said on April 26that Trinidad and Tobago was not a refugee camp.

Here what Rowley said then, “This country will not allow the United Nations or any other international body to convert it into a refugee camp. We are a generous and caring people and as the situation in Venezuela deteriorated more and more people have been coming, and this country is assisting as it is able to.

“Bearing in mind we are not China, Russia or America, we are a little island. We have limited space. 1.3 million people. Therefore, we cannot and will not allow UN spokespersons to convert us into a refugee camp.

“The country does acknowledge that there is a crisis in Venezuela which is why Trinidad and Tobago is being careful how it handles it because if we mishandle it, it can create serious problems for us.”

So Rowley admitted there was a crisis, but Khan asked “what crisis?”.

Khan needs to come down from the ivory tower at the waterfront and walk through Woodbrook and see the number of Venezuelans here.

Khan should take a drive throughout the country and see the number of Venezuelans here. He should visit some of the watering holes and see for himself. He should go to Cedros where the Venezuelans arrive in droves.

Maybe, Khan is to pre-occupied with his time to notice there is a crisis.

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The Trinidad and Tobago team in Venezuela

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