Kamla wants more cops on streets… if crime is to be seriously addressed

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Leader of the Opposition, Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC, wants to see more police officers on the streets if the crime problem is to be seriously addressed.

She added, “More boots on the ground. I think that can happen very quickly. Persad-Bissessar was speaking at a news conference at the Office of the Opposition Leader, Port-of-Spain, on Friday hours after the Opposition met with the Government.

“We went there in good faith to put our ideas. There were many who felt this thing was political ramajay and we were going there to score points.”

But she quickly dismissed that claim, saying she “didn’t want to score points, because I cannot live in this country and see children being gunned down on the streets and feel comfortable and happy.”

Persad-Bissessar admitted, however, that she had received many texts and email messages asking her “why you going and meet that man for?”

But she said that was not the issue, as the Opposition was committed to a good working relationship with the Government to deal with the issue of crime.

She said it was not impossible for there to be a good working relationship between the Government and the Opposition in the future.
Persad-Bissessar also dismissed claims that cooperating with the Government would not help the UNC regain power, noting she was confident her party could return to government again.

“We can win an election without battering or trying to kill each other.

“I honestly believe that,” she said.

Persad-Bissessar also insisted the opposition will continue to stand up against breaches to citizens’ constitutional rights and measures that were not in the best public interest.

Persad-Bissessar said the proposed change to the parliamentary committee on National Security could assist in creating a better working relationship between the two sides.

The chairman of that committee, Works and Transport Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, is to be removed and replaced by an Independent Senator.

Persad-Bissessar said a lot of the acrimony can be dealt with in this committee so that when the crime fighting legislation is brought to the Parliament for debate there can be agreement.

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