Kamla responds to her critics …”PNM DISTRACTION”

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Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar raised the issue at the Monday Night Forum, referring to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley as an oreo cookie.

While Rowley has not commented, his PNM party has responded and condemned Persad-Bissessar for what they called a racist remark.

Social media has been divided on the issue.

On Wednesday, Persad-Bissessar responded to her critics. She issued the following release:

“I will not be drawn into desperate attempts by the PNM to move public attention away from the real issues that are affecting thousands of people.

The PNM history has always been to distract the public attention away from their incompetence and the hardship that they inflict on poor suffering people in our country.

There is a quiet revolution going on world-wide where average citizens are no longer allowing themselves to be used as gatekeepers and doormats. Whilst the old guard desperately seeks to maintain control, we are fighting to change the status quo so there can be equality of treatment and opportunity for all. The old guard or the one percent is not confined to any one race or ethnic group (as erroneously reported in a newspaper today). It is a group of persons of various backgrounds, races and ethnicities whose only concern is the accumulation of wealth at the expense of the wider society.

During the last three years the Rowley government has imposed the worst suffering on citizens. This is a failed government which is desperate and is again resorting to race baiting to distract from current pressing issues such as (inter alia) closure at Petrotrin, increasing joblessness, increasing cost of living, rampant crime and, the upcoming budget.

My comments on Monday were about Rowley’s duplicitous nature. His choices seem specifically aimed at benefiting the elite, his friends and financiers, while the rest of the population suffers.

He is not a man who cares for the average person which was again demonstrated by his threats to the working population last week. This is a man who threatened to jail and sue workers for protesting retrenchment. This takes us back to colonial 1937 when the British colonial elites terrorized the Butler labour movement with threats of violence and jail.

The Rowley government’s behaviour is no different from that of the colonial masters towards our workers and the poor resulting in severe social and economic destruction.

The reality is that we are all in the same boat and what I am calling for is equal representation and treatment for all, no more, no less.

I do take note of comments by some that there may have been some insensitivity; but there was not an iota of racism in my statements. My track record in public life speaks for itself. I acknowledge that relevant truths can be spoken with less sensitive words in future.

The failed Rowley PNM PR Team should focus on the bread and butter issues of real people instead of their continuous spin and deception. I will continue to expose this Prime Minister and his government for the callous, uncaring bunch that they are.”
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