Kamla at UNC meeting …”DILLON MUST GO!”

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Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, says Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley must fire National Security Minister, Edmund Dillon, over a case in New York involving Dillon’s friend Neville Piper.

She told the UNC faithful on Monday night, “Dillon, pick up your bundle and go. Resign. If you do not resign, Rowley, do your duty and fire him. He needs to go now, before he damages Trinidad and Tobago further.

“This Prime Minister will not act. This Prime Minister does not have the testicular fortitude to act.

“I had no such thing, but I knew when I had to act and I did act. I had to do it to protect the integrity.”

She said the issue was not about Dillon the person, but the integrity of the country, and pointed out there were international headlines featuring the national security minister, which were exceedingly damaging to Trinidad and Tobago’s international reputation.

She asked, “How can you stay there? And on top of which, you are the worst performing minister of national security. Who is paying for Dillon’s travel to New York to attend to a court case and for his lawyers, and are taxpayers footing these bills?

Persad-Bissessar pointed out that Marlene McDonald had been fired twice as a minister, the second time within 48 hours of her appointment, but with Dillon, Rowley has not acted.

She asked Rowley, “Does he have some kind of goods on you?” She said there was a stark contrast in leadership between herself and Rowley. For her, the public’s confidence and trust in Cabinet ministers was important, she said, and she would act decisively when questions arose.

She added, “Ask Anil Roberts.” Roberts resigned amid the Life Sport fiasco. She pointed out that in the case of then attorney general Anand Ramlogan, there were allegations and it was one man’s word against him. “I asked him to resign. The same thing with Jack Warner. There was no court case before him. But given the allegations in the public domain that were very damaging to Trinidad and Tobago, again we asked him to give up his office.”

She named Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, whose children brandished machine guns, PNM Senator Dr Lester Henry, who was convicted of drunk driving, and Sports Minister Darryl Smith, whose ministry was involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit, which was settled.

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