Jwala responds to PNM …”THEY OUT TO DESTROY ME”

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On the heels of a Sunday Express story, former Central Bank Governor, Jwala Rambarran says the PNM is out to get him.

According to the newspaper story, the Fraud Squad is investigating Rambarran for something he allegedly did while in office.

On Sunday, Rambarran posted a statement on his website. It reads:

“I remember hearing an old general election picong/slogan, PNM stands for “Promises Never Materialize”. Not any more, well at least not in my case. The Rowley-led PNM has proudly managed on this rare occasion to carry through on one of its commitments: to try and destroy Jwala. This will not happen.

And so the shameless political persecution which started when I became Governor just over five years ago continues today. It took the PNM four months in 2015 to line up their ducks to illegally remove me from office. This time, just thirty hours after I stood up in the Senate as a UNC Senator and ripped apart the PNM’s flawed economic strategy, their naked political persecution is clearly evident for the world to see I was right!

Obviously, I’m not surprised. Two weeks ago, the courts ruled in my favour against a PNM Senator for defamation and I was granted leave by the High Court to challenge and seek answers into the PNM Finance Minister’s unwarranted political interference, which blocked my international appointment as a Senior Advisor to the G-24.

Last Thursday was perhaps a bit too much salt for the PNM’s gaping wounds. But I say good for the PNM, good for dedicating scarce resources and money for these trumped up frivolous allegations to sound believable enough to their supporters.

Good for them, for coordinating with all the state agencies at their disposal, for getting their puppets in high office to play along, and for the dedication to get this all done in their quest to destroy Jwala. At least the PNM can get political persecution right, as they’ve done many, many, many times, not just to me but to countless others. Our economy is in shambles, heading into the arms of the dreaded IMF, but we should all feel better about what priorities are engaging this PNM Government’s time and resources.

Let me repeat by quoting from my statement from roughly six weeks ago when the PNM first tried to throw this faecal matter dressed up as news my way:

To my knowledge I am not the subject of any police investigation. I have not been contacted by any member of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on this or any other matter. Even so, I stand ready and willing to assist the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, if they are in fact investigating this matter.”

I also maintain, it is still…

highly inappropriate that if I am indeed the subject of a police investigation, a journalist of a newspaper which preaches fair, balanced and responsible journalism is seeking to score sensational headlines and make national news before I have been given the courtesy of being informed by the police. Is there a conspiracy between the Police Service and the AG’s Office, which are supposed to be two separate and independent institutions of state?

For the avoidance of doubt, during my tenure as Governor of the Central Bank and Chairman of the Deposit Insurance Corporation, I performed my duties lawfully, ethically and responsibly, upholding the highest standards of integrity these two offices carry. The allegations being made against me are frivolous, baseless and vexatious.”

I will continue to defend myself and fight against blatant political persecution attempts by the current Rowley PNM regime to ruin my name and spread lies about my professional conduct.

I will not be silenced into submission!

All this does is fuel my fight against the PNM’s Sisyphean attempts.

I thank everyone for their continued tremendous support and encouragement…it means a lot.”


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