Just maybe…speed limit may go to 100KPH

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Just maybe…the speed limit on the major highway may increase from 80 to 100 kilometres per hour.

This comes following many complaints from the business community to motorists that the 80 kilometres per hour speed limit was either unproductive, or drivers can fall asleep at the wheel.

Speaking at the Post-Cabinet Press Conference on Thursday, acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert said Government was considering raising the speed limit to 100 KPH.

Imbert told the media that, “Based on the information that is available at this point in time it appears that it may not be unwise to establish a speed limit of 100 kilometres an hour.”

He said the Government will not raise the limit though unless it was scientifically proven that the increase will be beneficial.

He said: “I want the population to know decisively that we are actively considering as a government the increase of a maximum speed limit on the Churchill Roosevelt, Beetham and the Uriah Butler, Solomon to 100 (kilometres per hour) and then looking at all the other roads and all the quirks and anomalies.”

He said: “ All of the other routes will be looked at in terms of speed . The 65 kilometres per hour anomaly all of that will be looked that.”

Questioned by a report about the Diego Martin Highway, Imbert said traffic management were assessing the speed limit there as well.

He said: “They are looking at a recommendation to adjust the speed limit on the Diego Martin Highway , I believe it is 50 kilometres an hour and they said they have done tests they have looked at the geometry, they have looked at the laying width on the Diego Martin Highway and they are recommending an upward adjustment.”

Colm Imbert

Colm Imbert

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