Judge’s relative killed in Fyzabad

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A relative of High Court Judge, Vashist Kokaram was beaten and shot at his home in Fyzabad early Sunday morning.

Anderson Kokaram, 52, of Delhi Road, Fyzabad was killed by intruders in his bedroom around 12.30 am on Sunday.

Police said Kokaram’s wife, who was asleep next him to him, reported hearing a loud noise and saw two men beating Kokaram in the bedroom.

She told police she heard gunshots and saw the men running off. She alerted Kokaram’s relatives who live close-by and the businessman was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died around 2.30 am.

Police were told nothing was taken from the house but they are yet to ascertain a motive for Kokaram’s murder.

Anderson’s brother, Heathcliff Kokaram, said his family was trying to piece together the events of the night before and were advised by police not to give any statements. Anderson’s only son was not in the country as he is studying at a university abroad.

MP for Fyzabad, Dr Lackram Bodoe visited the family around midday.

Bodoe said Kokaram, who owned a Lotto booth and a supermarket in the area, was an upstanding citizen.

He added, “Mr Kokaram is a long-standing businessman in this community and he had a reputation of being an upstanding citizen in Fyzabad. This is a tremendous shock to the community especially in this Delhi Road area.”

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