Job not advertised… Sampson-Browne going to CEPEP

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Margaret Sampson-Browne, whose resignation as head of the police Victim and support Unit was revealed on Sunday, is heading to a plush job at CEPEP.

Sampson-Browne is going to take up the post of Public Relations, Communications and Community Relations Manager.

Sources told TT Whistleblower they are unsure that the post is on CEPEP’s employee structure.

They also do not recall the job being advertised.

Sampson-Browne’s departure from the police job was revealed in a Sunday Guardian report, but the newspaper could not tell the veteran policewoman’s next professional move.

She was quoted as saying that “I am enjoying whatever vacation I have after 46 years and I am weighing my options as to what I want to do and how I want to do it.’

She was named to the police unit in 2011.

She had previously risen to the post of assistant police commissioner.

Informed sources told TT Whistleblower that while they are not questioning Sampson-Browne’s suitability for the CEPEP post, they are querying the employment process.

A knowledgeable non-political figure asked: “Where is the transparency and accountability that this government promised?”

But Sampson-Browne is not the only new appointee to CEPEP for which there were no known advertisements.

The company is moving to appoint Avelia Stewart as Human Resources Manager, Dominic Grell as Operations Manager and Jody David as Finance Manager.

Sources said they had scoured the media and employment agencies for advertisements for the jobs.

But they did not see any such ads.

The independent source questioned the quality of corporate governance at CEPEP.

“Several skilled, qualified and experienced persons have been denied the opportunity to apply,” he said.

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