Jearlean comes out batting …”GO NAH, ROHAN”

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UNC deputy political leader, Jearlean John, came out of her crease on Friday and called for Minster of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan, to be fired.

She also called for the removal of the two Tobago MPs in light of the sea bridge fiasco.

Tobago-born Jearlean said the ball is now in the court of Prime Minister Keith Rowley, another Tobagonian.

John said Government’s sustained failure on the Tobago sea bridge could drive Tobagonians to walk on water. This man has destroyed Tobago where he’s from.”

John pointed to last Tuesday’s fire aboard the water taxi, Trini Flash, which was used on the ferry service. She said people hadg to jump from that vessel to the Cabo Star with dark water beneath.

She added, “For Sinanan to say it was a small mishap is grounds for his dismissal. People were scared. They had old ladies cock up, jumping from boat to boat at sea. How you would like your mother or grandmother to have to do that?

“Why didn’t the Coast Guard respond? This is a Tobago tragedy and something bad is going to happen at this rate, people might die out there. Tobago needs a miracle because of Government’s ineptitude on the sea bridge and its effects on Tobago’s economy, an unholy mess on Holy Thursday.”

She added, “The genesis of this was their removing the Galicia, pure ‘bigishness’ as we say in Tobago on their part. There was no reason for that, so they can’t fix this situation. They just need to resign and call elections.

“If the Tobago MPs (Ayanna Webster-Roy and Shamfa Cudjoe) resigned, and Sinanan was removed, that might restore Tobagonians’ faith in the ‘Ah We Boy’ and his loyalty to the island that conceived and nurtured him.”

“And yes, MP for Tobago East, people are suffering.”

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