What Jack wants before Tobago unity deal

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The political leader and chairman cannot be from the same party!

That’s one of the demands of Ashworth Jack before he resigns as leader of Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP).

In addition, Jack does not want an interim political leader for three years.

He explained his stand in light of his decision not to stand down as TOP leader in order to facilitate an amalgamation with Christlyn Moore’s Tobago Forwards.

See TT Whistleblower’s story headlined Ashworth-Christlyn deal on the rocks.

Jack said he would resign as soon as both matters are resolved.

He said he does not support both the leader and chairman being members of the same party.

There are reported plans for the chairman to be drawn from Tobago Forwards.

He added that he does not subscribe to an interim leader for three years.

There are plans to cement the TOP-Tobago Forwards unity deal ahead of the forthcoming Tobago House Assembly (THA) election.

There are no immediate plans for a resumption of discussions between both parties.

But sources said there would be efforts to settle the outstanding matters.

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