“Jack, I am sorry”

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THE EDITORThe three things that I have done in life that I am most proud of are:

  1. Taking care of my grandmother when she needed me;
  2. Destroying Wayne Kublalsingh’s crusade and unveiling him as a fraudster; and
  3. Creating and sustaining these mass emails.
When I first started writing in 2013, it was because I was part of the UNC campaign, and even though it was only five years ago, I was young and headstrong and caught up in the frenzy which began in 2010. While I still stand by much of what I wrote between then and 2015, many of those emails would have been colored by the yellow goggles I had been wearing at the time.

Truth be told, if the leadership of the party, most notably Kamla Persad Bissessar, had remained committed to cause as they promised in 2010 I would probably still be blindly loyal to them to this day. But while I am still a member of the party however, these emails may reflect differently if taken out of context.

What began as “political propaganda” has since morphed into my personal critique of the social and economic affairs of this country, or so I thought. But following a conversation with an individual who was the subject of a recent writing, it has given me reason to reassess what I’m doing and whether it can be accomplished.

While I no longer consider myself to be politically motivated, can I expect others to believe the same? Moreover, how can I expect anyone to consider me differently if I continue to do the same thing as I had been doing before?

I believe that all those who hold public office should be held accountable for their actions, no matter which side of the Parliament they may represent. But I also understand not every action I may disagree with requires public criticism.

Persons such as Dr. Keith Rowley, Mr. Colm Imbert, Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar, and Captain Gary Griffith have all been featured prominently in those criticisms, and I must apologize if they feel unfairly targeted.

The person who deserves an apology the most must be Austin Jack Warner however, because looking back I believe his actions didn’t warrant the extensive criticisms he received. It was never my intention to attack anyone’s character (as I hope those emails may reflect), but rather they were always meant to express my own point-of-view, but I do apologize if anyone took it personally.

Throughout the years I have received tremendous support and commendation from many of my readers, despite the directional shift I may have taken. I had assumed that everyone would understand and accept that I was now acting more independently, as I now provide advice to so many on both sides of the divide.

Everything that I have written and will continue to write is my honest assessment of a situation, and is meant to inspire change and development. It is my hope that Trinidad and Tobago can become a better place, and that is what I am committed to working towards.

 while I will continue to write these emails, you may once again notice a shift as I try to be more constructive rather than critical. But if there are those who may want the criticism to end completely, they might want to correct their own faults so that I will have nothing to write about.

Best regards,
Ravi Maharaj

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