Israel Khan back at it again …”JUDGES, SPEAK UP”

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Attorney Israel Khan SC, has called on all judges to speak up on the issue of Chief Justice Ivor Archie’s alleged misconduct.

In a letter to the judges on Tuesday, Khan said, “Judges of this country, especially those of the Hugh Wooding Law School graduating class of 1979, should say something on the issue of Chief Justice Archie’s alleged misconduct.”

Khan noted comments by Justices Carol Gobin and Ronnie Boodoosingh, as well as former Chief Justices Sat Sharma and Clinton Bernard on the issue. He particularly noted reported comments by Bernard on other judges’ reaction so far.

Khan added, “I, as the most experienced active practitioner at the Criminal Bar, now call upon the brave and courageous judges of the country to say something and not give the impression that your Lordships are only concerned with ‘to eat ah food.’

“Former CJ Bernard has chastised the sitting judges by stating in a published article that Your Lordships are ‘more concerned with how much money you are getting at the end of the month.’

“This is a serious indictment against Your Lordships and if Your Lordships continue to remain silent, I say it with the greatest respect, then you are spineless and do not deserve to be called My Lord or Mi Lud (for mimic men).”

He added: “The allegations made against Honourable Chief Justice Ivor Archie are scandalous, and if true, demonstrate he is a disgrace to the legal profession and unfit to be Chief Justice.”

Khan said if Archie cannot or would not publicly refute the very serious allegations, there are only three options open to him: “Resign now, or face a tribunal triggered under Section 137 of the Constitution and/or face criminal charge of misbehaviour in public office (15 years jail if convicted).”

He said judges would be aware “that never in the history of the entire Commonwealth has a Chief Justice been accused of such scandalous misbehaviour.”

“I dare say, with the greatest respect to Your Lordships, that by your silence, you are condoning CJ Archie’s alleged misbehaviour. It appears that birds of a feather flock together.”

Khan has been vocal on the issue of the Chief Justice.

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