Is this story for real? …”KIDNAPPED” WIFE BACK HOME

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This is an unbelievable story and the police need to investigate whether it is a case of wasting police time.

Kumti Deopersad, a mother of seven, who reported she was kidnapped a week ago, walked into the arms of her husband and children on Tuesday. She ran away from the safe house, but did not go to the police.

She went home. Neither did she go to the hospital.

Deopersad, 39, was reported missing a week ago after she failed to return home from the Princes Town Health Centre.

Later that night, she called her husband to say she and another woman were standing on the roadside when a car pulled up alongside them. Deopersad told her husband that she and the other woman were forced into the vehicle and were being held against their will.

Her husband, Tilkee Gopaul, made a public appeal for assistance in finding his wife.

Gopaul was at his Barrackpore home on Tuesday when a taxi stopped and Deopersad walked out. The woman was dressed in the same clothing she was wearing when she went missing.

Deopersad said she was not harmed. She said was treated at the Princes Town Health Center for a skin condition and was walking out with another woman when they were snatched.

She said they were forced to drink a substance inside the vehicle.

She later woke up inside a dark room. She said she and the other woman were locked up and fed regularly by the men.

She added, “I told them I was vegetarian and they would buy rice and chow mien or roti for me. And they would give us soft drinks and water. They did not hurt us in any way.”

The housewife said it was the first the first time she had seen the woman and almost seven days of being locked in the same room did not know anything about her. Really?

The woman said she was unable to identify her captors as their faces were covered at all times.

On Tuesday morning, Deopersad said, the house was silent and she used a hairpin to unlock the door.

She added, “We opened the door and ran out. I didn’t look back. We walked and walked until we reached the town. I went my way and she went her way. I came straight home.”

Deopersad was unable to describe the house in which they were being held. “I don’t know if it was concrete or board. I didn’t look around. I just ran out.”

She walked for miles before reaching a main road in Princes Town.

Gopaul said he was happy his wife had returned home safely. “The girl came home this morning. She was not hurt. I am happy she come back because the children were worried.”

Gopaul said he was relieved that Deopersad had come home. He said his wife was traumatized about the ordeal and did not remember a lot of what happened to her.

Police are looking into this story.

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Kumti Deopersad, right, and Tilkee Gopaul at home.


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