Installation of a walkover at Sea Lots …”TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE”

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It was a traffic nightmare on Saturday for people trying to get in and out of Port-of-Spain.


Because Rohan Sinanan, a very bright Minister of Works and Transport, continues to do everything upside down in this country. Having virtually crashed the sea bridge with the limping slow boat from China, Sinanan is using a very busy long weekend to create havoc for motorists.

Having failed to use the July/August school vacation, Sinanan disrupted traffic on the Beetham a new weeks ago to lay down new pipes to easy flooding in Port-of-Spain.

Now, he is disrupting motorists again! This time to install a walkover near the Central Market, Sea Lots. The planks on both sides were installed months ago.

Apart from installing the walkover, Sinanan is carrying out other works along the Beetham. How long will motorists have to suffer? Will the Beetham Highway be reopened at 6 pm on Sunday?

Where was the ODPM on Saturday? Sleeping as usual?

With such a disruption, why weren’t the police out with a bigger strength?

But the big question: “Will the residents of Sea Lots be using this walkover?”

Based on evidence, most of them love to run across the road. Time will tell!
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