Inshan responds to terror story …”I WILL NEVER FINANCE TERRORISM”

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Political activist Inshan Ishmael was in a fighting mood on Sunday as he responded to a front page article in the Sunday Express, “Inshan in terror $$ link”.

Ishmael, the CEO of IBN Television, used his station to respond to the article which states that he is under investigation by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

He made it quite clear, “I will never support terrorism. I will never finance terrorism.”

This is what appeared in the Sunday Express

“Inshan Ishmael, businessman and political activist, has been red-flagged in connection with attempts to wire transfer millions to organisations abroad allegedly linked to terrorism.

Two transfers were successful and two were not.

Among the suspicious attempts is TT$3.4 million in 2011 to the Muslim Aid foundation, which was classified as a terrorist organisation.

Ishmael, according to documents received by the Sunday Express, is under investigation by the Financial Investigations Branch (FIB) of the Police Service for attempting to send 10,154.44 pounds sterling to Muslim Aid to provide “charitable aid to Somalia” in 2014.

That wire transfer passed through banking group RBC without issue, but was cancelled and red-flagged by the Toronto, Canada, routing department of the same bank because “Muslim Aid is categorised as a terrorist organisation by the Israeli Military of Defence and is listed on the World Check database”.

Ishmael admitted that he and others raised funds to assist the children of Somalia, through the organization, Muslim Aid. “All kinda people, pundits, imams, priests assisted in raising millions of dollars to assist the children of Somalia who are being eaten by corbeaux.”

The political activist said he never knew he was being investigating by the police for this nonsense. He said he was not being told that he was being investigated. “No police ever contacted me.”

He added, “the officers of the FIU cannot find officers who are collecting drug money. The officers of the FIU cannot find the officers collecting money from these casinos. The officers of the FIU cannot find officers who are holding up people, robbing people, and hiding the money under the mattress.”

Ishmael said he had been collecting monies for charitable causes over the past 29 years and said there was never a query. He said only last month, he flew through the United States on his way back from a trip to Dubai.

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