In Opposition he had all the answers …”NOW ROWLEY IS CRYING”

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When he was Leader of the Opposition, Keith Rowley had all the answers to deal with the crime problem in Trinidad and Tobago.

Now that he is Prime Minister, Rowley is expressing frustration with the increasing murder rate. On Thursday night before the PNM faithful in Diego Martin, Rowley asked: “How long, oh Lord, how long do we have to endure this?

“Some of our citizens have gone stark raving mad and are hell-bent on making national news everyday.

“We are spending $2 billion a year in this country to find every gun and catch every gunman before he shoots, and we pick up 1,064 guns out of their hands last year, but that didn’t reduce the murder rate.” He pointed out that killers are now using stone and knife to murder.

Rowley, the chairman of the National Security Council, said, “In recent days, we as a people have felt the pain of the families that have experienced what has happened in La Brea and in the Croisee and elsewhere.”

At La Brea, four people were murdered recently in one incident – Michael Scott, 69; Abigail Chapman, 42; Olivia Chapman,16, and Michaela Mason, 14.

Anita Bahadur, 27, a mother of four, was stabbed to death by her former lover at San Juan on Wednesday, and Stacy-Ann Campbell, 29, a pregnant mother of four, was beaten to death on Tuesday with a brick at Mayaro by a mentally ill man.

Despite the crocodile tears, Rowley expressed confidence of this country having a bright future, with an economy being based mainly on local and Venezuelan oil and gas.

He added, “A lot of advice we have got from you the people is to stay the course and take the ship of state to safe and calm waters. We are doing that.

“These are very difficult times but we are not without hope and some resources.”

“The largesse is over, the grand theft is over and the gimme, gimme is over, as we put our shoulder to the wheel.” The PNM is far from perfect, but did a good job to keep Trinidad and Tobago as one of the best places in the world.” Certainly, not the safest.
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