Illegal Venezuelan migration continues

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Despite claims by the authorities of low illegal migrations from Venezuela, evidence suggests an on-going flow of arrivals from the nearby South American country.

Reports from residents of southwest Trinidad and from some business operators indicate a constant number of Venezuelans arriving illegally.

Several are obtaining low-paying jobs as household domestics or in service industries, such as fast-food outlets.

Anecdotal evidence reveals that illegal Venezuelans are obtaining minimum wage positions in southern communities.

Some business people are acknowledging that the migrants are “doing jobs that Trinis do not want to do.”

They are also considered reliable attendees at work and as industrious.

Several are being housed at the homes where they are doing household chores.

Most such migrants are young women.

The Ministry of National Security has insisted that there are low numbers of illegal migrations and that coast guard and police posts in southwest Trinidad are closely monitoring all undocumented arrivals.

The flow of Venezuelans has resulted from the crippling social and economic circumstances in their country, with dramatic shortages of food and pharmaceuticals.

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