How Jeffrey Webb so lucky …”MAY ESCAPE JAIL TIME”

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Almost three years after Jeffrey Webb, a former CONCACAF President, was rounded up in the United States Justice Department investigation into international football corruption, and over two years since his conviction for racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies, his sentence hearing has been postponed yet again.

The seventh date for the sentencing hearing in a New York Federal Court in Brooklyn, has been set for September after Webb secured a postponement of the scheduled hearing earlier this month.

It is increasingly unlikely that Webb, 54, who was president of the Cayman Islands Football Association, and vice president of FIFA, will serve any time in jail after his cooperation with the authorities in the FIFA probe, his admissions and the forfeiture of around US $6.7 million.

He has served most of the last few years under house arrest after agreeing to go to the United States to face the music following his arrest in Zürich in May 2015. He and a number of other FIFA officials and sports marketing executives were arrested during a pre-dawn raid at a luxury hotel in the Swiss city.

The original tight restrictions on Webb’s bail conditions have gradually decreased, fueling speculation that he is unlikely to go to jail. He is also understood to have sold the luxury home he was living in with his American wife and child in Atlanta, Georgia, in an effort to raise the cash needed to pay the confiscation order.

The delay in sentencing also impacts the pending charges in the Cayman Islands against Webb for his role in the CarePay scandal at the local hospital. He is accused of conspiring with his close friend and business partner, Canover Watson, who was convicted in the hospital corruption case, to cream off millions of dollars from a health services authority contract.

While the Cayman Islands has an extradition treaty with the United States, a request for his return home cannot be made until the proceedings against him in New York are complete.

FIFA has rejected an appeal by Webb against a fine imposed on him for his part in the massive corruption scandal. In addition to the millions of dollars he has handed over to the US authorities for his convictions in relation to the bribery investigation, Webb faces a fine in excess of US$1 million by his former employers.

Webb has not contested the lifetime ban from the game imposed on him after he was convicted of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies. However, he did challenge the fine.

In a release from FIFA, officials said the appeals committee determined that the fine imposed was adequate. The statement continued, “Consequently, Mr Webb’s fine and lifelong ban are maintained.”

FIFA has also claimed some $2 million from the US authorities in restitution for Webb’s part in the corruption.

Webb was enjoying a glittering career in international football administration, when he was swept up in the massive US case against FIFA officials and sports firm executives relating to bribery and corruption around the world.

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