Hinds makes only promises …”MP CAME FOR A SHOW”

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Everyone including his constituents know that Fitzgerald Hinds is about showmanship.

He is an absentee MP for Laventille West, and whenever he is seen, it is for a short while. So, on August 14 when he went into Beetham Gardens in the aftermath of flooding, residents knew full well that Hinds was not playing Santa Claus but gallerying to the media.

One man was charged with assault by beating…..throwing muddy water on their MP. The matter came up for hearing on Tuesday.

Years of broken promises by Hinds to the people of the Beetham Gardens was what led to this one man splashing muddy water at him during a tour.

So claimed his attorneys when Richard “Snake” Marcelle, 31, appeared before a Port of Spain Magistrate

Attorney Richard Clarke-Wills added, “Mr Hinds made so many promises and none were kept. Then he shows up at Beetham Gardens with the media and all of it was all for show. All of these years you are in office and you have done nothing for the people.”

As each charge was read, Marcelle told the magistrate he was guilty.

The court’s police prosecutor said on August 14, Hinds was touring flood-affected areas in Beetham Gardens when Marcelle began cursing and kicking water at the Parliamentarian.

Marcelle added, “Allyuh not doing nothing for we. Is only talk from all yuh and the people of the area not getting anything.”

Clarke-Wills said his client did not have the intention of harming Hinds in anyway, but only acted out of frustration.

He added, “He expressed his frustration and he was reckless. He kicked the water in Hinds’ direction but he did not intend to hit him. If he wanted to hurt Mr Hinds, there was nothing stopping him from doing so. He was arrested at around 4 a.m. on Friday and he is now appearing before you at 4 p.m. on Tuesday so he spent four days in police custody. Although his actions were disrespectful, he did not mean any disrespect.”

He said his client was also not aware that kicking water in someone’s direction had legal ramifications.

“Well if he did not know that back then, I’m sure he knows so now,” said the magistrate.

In passing sentence, Magistrate Toon said she was taking into account the fact that Marcelle pleaded guilty to the offences at the earliest possible occasion and therefore, did not waste the court’s time. In addition to that she said he was co-operative with police and did not resist them in anyway.

Marcelle was fined a total of $400 by Magistrate Sanara Toon. On the charge of assault, he was fined $300 and given one week to pay or in default he will serve two weeks simple imprisonment. On the obscene language charge, he was ordered to pay $100 or face a term of imprisonment of one week.

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Flashback to the wetting on August 14.

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