Gunfire breaks out in Enterprise …”GUNMAN KILLS HIS PARTNER”

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A gunman shot and killed his accomplice as gunfire erupted in Enterprise, Chaguanas, on Saturday afternoon.

The dead man was identified only as Kewsi, a member of the Unruly Isis Gang.

Residents said they were fearful, bracing themselves for reprisal shootings and killings.

In the first incident, an attempt was made on four family members of murdered reputed gang leader, Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis.

Around 4.30 pm, a white SUV, occupied by four of Alexis’ children, were shot at while the vehicle was proceeding along the Old Southern Main Road.

Members of the the Unruly Isis gang, ran out from Crown Trace and opened fire on the vehicle. Luckily no one in the vehicle was injured.

However, police said one of the Unruly gang members, during the incident, accidentally shot one of his accomplices in the abdomen. He was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility where he died while undergoing treatment.

This is one of several attempts made on the lives of family members of Robocop since he was killed in 2016. Two of Alexis’ brothers were also killed. On December 4, 2016, Alexis’ younger brother, Mervyn, 46, was killed along Railway Road, Enterprise, Chaguanas. That shooting took place one street away from where Robocop was killed on July 17, 2016.

On March 24, 2017, Sylvan Alexis, another of Alexis’ brothers, was killed at his home at St Francois Street in Enterprise at about 6.13 pm.

Robocop was at his business place along Freedom Street on July 17, 2016, when he was confronted by a man known to him. Alexis was killed along with his long time friend Kevin Escayg.

In the second incident on Saturday, there was a shootout between the gang members and residents of Bhagaloo Street around 8.30 pm. In that incident, two brothers, known as the Paris brothers, were shot and wounded. Police said they were innocent.

Eyewitnesses said members from the Unruly gang walked across to Bhagaloo Street and opened fire on several young men who returned fire. The Paris brothers, who were walking along the road, were hit by stray bullets during the crossfire. They were both taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility and treated.

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