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THE EDITOR: On November 7 2017, PNM Government Senator, Dr Lester Henry, pleaded guilty to driving drunk in Woodbrook. This took place on September 23, 2017.

Henry was charged after police stopped his car and administered a breathalyser test which showed his blood alcohol content was 51 micrograms.

Its been three weeks a Government Senator pleads guilty to a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge and is still sitting in the Upper House!

This is the same PNM Senator who on September 28, 2017 was ordered to pay former Central Bank Governor Jwala Rambarran $550,000 in compensation for defamation.

Rambaran sued Henry whom he claimed went out of his way to falsely and maliciously accuse him of using public funds from the Central Bank, of which he was the Governor at the material time, to pay for repairs to his private home.

The High Court ruled that Henry’s conduct has been less than would have been expected from someone of his stature and position and criticized him for willfully failing to disclose the official recording of the a radio programme which was eventually provided by the station.

In less than two months, this PNM Senator has lost a civil suit during which the Court found his conduct to be unacceptable in his wilful attempts to tarnish the character of the (former) C.B. Governor and now another court has convicted him of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Why am I not surprised that Prime Minister Keith Rowley has not terminated Henry’s appointment as a Government Senator?

He did not remove Clyde Paul as Mayor of Point Fortin when he pleaded guilty to DUI but instead rewarded him by appointing him Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEPEP.

As Opposition Leader, Keith Rowley was very vociferous whenever a mere accusation was made against any Minister of the People’s Partnership Government, demanding that the Prime Minister remove that individual from their office based on a “mere accusation.”

He promised the country should he become Prime Minister, he would restore integrity and responsibility in public life.

Now he is Prime Minister, Keith Rowley has shown that he lacks credibility and capacity to do what he promised. Perhaps he believes that a Senator should not be held to a higher standard of integrity and responsibility and hence has not terminated Henry’s senatorial appointment.

Keith Rowley continues to be a classic example of what failed, third world leadership and performance looks like.

Capil Bissoon

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