‘Ground Report’ to sue Rowley

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Broadcasters on the radio program “The Ground Report” are taking Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley to court.

The legal suit follows Rowley’s depiction of the broadcasters as “known felons.”

A pre-action protocol letter is expected to be served within the next few days.

Rowley’s comments were made at a public meeting of the ruling PNM on Tuesday night.

He alleged that “The Ground Report” had made “filthy” comments about him.

He added that the radio program was sponsored by two government-owned companies.

“The Ground Report” is comprised of Michael Kerr, Andy Williams and Lennox Smith.

Rowley’s remarks have led to a fierce backlash.

Some commentators have raised concerns about an encroachment on the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of the press.

Analysts have noted, too, that the sponsors would have made business decisions based on the popularity and reach of the daily radio program.

“Now, government advertisers may have to carefully scrutinize media content before they spend taxpayers’ dollars,” said one analyst.

“A radio program or newspaper could fail to secure advertising based on any criticism of the government,” he added.

He stated: “This cold be a dangerous move, one that could see the censuring of free media expression.”

The government’s Communication Minister is former journalist Maxie Cuffie.

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