Griffith wasted no time …”7 TOP COPS PROMOTED”

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The new Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith wasted no time in having seven senior police officers promote to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

The delay in promotions was a sore point for the Police Social and Welfare Association who has been asking for promotions throughout the rank and file of the police service.

The association had been at odds with the former acting Commissioner, Stephen Williams. There were numerous court cases where disgruntled police officers took Williams to court for failing to promote them…..and won.

When the association met with Griffith earlier this week, the issue of promotion was raised. Griffith promised to deal with the issue along with other burning matters. Within three days of the talks, seven senior officers were elevated to the executive of the police service.

The promoted officers are ACP Vincel Edwards, ACP Garfield Moore, ACP Ansley Garrick, ACP Harri­krishen Baldeo, ACP Irwin Hackshaw, ACP Leroy Brebnor and ACP Sharon Blake-Clarke.

Next on the agenda for Griffith will be the backlog of overtime payments to police officers and Special Reserve Officers.


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The promoted officers: Police Commissioner Gary Griffith (seated, second left) with his newly appointed ­Assistant ­Commissioners of Police at the Solomon McLeod Lecture Theatre at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain, on Friday.

Seated, from left, are DCP (Ag) Crime and Support Harold Phillip, Griffith, DCP (Ag) Operations Deodat Dulalchan and DCP (Ag) Administration Erla ­Christophe. ­Standing, from left, are ACP Leroy Brebnor, ACP Irwin Hackshaw, ACP Garfield Moore, ACP Vincel Edwards, ACP Ansley Garrick and ACP ­Harrikrishen Baldeo.

Missing: ACP Sharon Blake-Clarke

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