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More than $30 million were being over-paid in the State sector last year, the Auditor General has uncovered.

Of that, $21.1 million were recovered.

“Overpayments continue to be a major concern,” the Auditor General said in his just-released 2015 report.

The over-payments not only represent “a leakage of public funds,” but also result in time and other resources being spent on accounting, recovering, auditing “as well, at times, emotional factors involved in the recovery process.”

The report stated that between 2011 and 2015, a total of $127.3 were over-paid and $66.6 m recovered.

The Auditor General said that “year after year”, the need for the causes over over-payments and controls to be strengthened are highlighted.

A list was provided of ministries, statutory bodies and agencies that had made over-payments.

The Auditor General said that for 2015, there were seven cases of thefts or losses of State property, totalling $26,563.49.

Among “areas of concern” listed were 85 instances of “incorrect classification of expenditure”, totalling $2.6 million, at the office of the President.

Office furniture and equipment costing $129,818.59 and items costing $300,444.92 were not entered in the inventory register.

At the police service, Cabinet approval was not seen for the hiring of 163 people on two-year contracts.

Monthly emoluments totalled $2.3 million.

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