Government to sell 4 boats …”THERE GOES THE SU”

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So, the boat bought by Colm Imbert more than ten years ago and which never sailed, is among four water taxi boats which Government is now trying to sell.

The MV Su, had no buyers in 2013, so one wonders if it could be sold at this time.

The MV Su was bought under the tenure of then Works and Transport Minister, Colm Imbert, at a cost of $25 million, after which another $27 million was spent on repairs which failed to correct the boat’s many defects.

The Port Au­thor­i­ty plans ad­ver­tis­ing for sale, the wa­ter taxis MV Su, HC Olivia, HC Ka­tia and the HC Mi­lan­i­ca, on which val­u­a­tions will be done pri­or to ad­ver­tise­ment.

The Manning Government paid $36 mil­lion to buy three oth­er used ves­sels, HC Ka­tia, HC Olivia and HC Mi­lan­cia, none of which are in operation. The ves­sels are up for sale but no one wants to pur­chase what ap­pear to be non-sea­wor­thy ves­sels. The clos­est of­fer so far is from scrap deal­ers who are will­ing to pay just around half a mil­lion dol­lars for the Su.

The PNM gov­ern­ment paid $4.1 mil­lion to trans­port this ves­sel from Turkey to St Thomas and an­oth­er $3 mil­lion to tow it from St Thomas to Cu­ra­cao for re­pairs. Im­bert re­fused to ac­cept re­spon­si­bil­i­ty for its pur­chase.

In the Senate on Tuesday, Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan said between March 2010 to June 2012, the then Cab­i­net gave ap­proval for Nid­co, through an in­ter­na­tion­al bro­ker, to take steps to sell the ves­sels.

But in Au­gust 2012, the then Cab­i­net re­scind­ed the de­ci­sion to sell the fleet of sec­ond-hand ves­sels and di­rect­ed that the then Trans­port Min­istry en­ter in­to a con­tract with the Port for an­oth­er in­ter­na­tion­al ship­ping bro­ker to val­ue the ves­sels and sell them at the min­i­mum price on a val­u­a­tion ba­sis.

Sinanan added that a val­u­a­tion was done by the Mar­itime Ser­vices Di­vi­sion and in Jan­u­ary 2013, pow­er of at­tor­ney was giv­en to the Port to sell/di­vest the ves­sels. He said since then, sev­er­al at­tempts by the Port to en­gage a bro­ker to sell the ves­sels were un­suc­cess­ful.

Over the pe­ri­od, Nid­co al­so re­ferred po­ten­tial buy­ers to the Port. How­ev­er, Sinanan added, the ves­sels weren’t sold, re­mained vest­ed with the Port for sale and are moored at Ch­aguara­mas.

He said the Port will make an­oth­er at­tempt to sell them and will ad­ver­tise them for sale. Pri­or to the ads, he said val­u­a­tions will be done.

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