Government not bidding for women’s world cup …”RAMNARINE’S ADVICE”

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So, the Trinidad and Tobago Government has decided not to bid to host matches in the 2018 ICC Women’s World Cup tournament in the Caribbean.

This is the second time that a PNM Government has decided not bid in an international cricket tournament.

Remember then Prime Minister Patrick Manning said his Government was not going to bid to host the semi-finals and finals of the ICC World Cup tournament which was played in the Caribbean in 2007.

Manning said the smaller Caribbean nations would do better with the international exposure. Trinidad hosted preliminary round matches before the semis and finals went to Barbados.

The World Cup tournament in the Caribbean is a stage where tourism can be bolstered in the future. The tournament will be seen by more than one billion people around the globe.

This time, Government has blanked the staging of any matches here, based on the advice of SporTT Chairman, Dinanath Ramnarine, himself a former West Indies cricketer.

Minister of Sport, Darryl Smith, admitted on television on Friday that he heavily leaned on the advice of Ramnarine to come to his decision.

Many are already saying that Ramnarine has a conflict of interest here as he is involved in a court matter with the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board over the way elections are run. The matter is pending in court.

Ramnarine is trying to become president of the Cricket Board, and so earn a place on Cricket West Indies.

Smith said, “Based on the US shortage and more importantly, the other costs that would have been involved, I don’t think any level-headed minister or person, in private or public life, would bid to host something where they are not seeing the resources needed for the output.”

Azim Bassarath, president of the Cricket Board, said the investment was $TT500,000 and his board had put out its arm in support of using its SporTT’s subvention to assist with offsetting the costs.

He also questioned Ramnarine’s involvement in the decision-making process.

Bassarath was left baffled by Ramnarine’s involvement, citing the ongoing court matter within the cricket fraternity. “I want to know whether the advice came from the Sportt Company, whether Mr Ramnarine is an adviser to the Minister of Sport, or whether the directors of the Sportt Company were involved in that decision. I don’t think the directors of the Sportt Company would have made a decision and supported something like that.”
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