Government has no clue …HOW MANY GONE TO JOIN ISIS?

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Does the Government know how many Trinidad and Tobago nationals have gone to join ISIS in Syria?

The answer is no.

But Stuart Young, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, is dismissing figures from other quarters about the actual departure of families to leave this country.

Unable to stem the flow of murders, Young used the post-cabinet press conference to denounce loose figures thrown out in the public space.
Without any figures, hear Young: “There’s absolutely no correlation between that figure (400) and what our official tracking figures are and what we’re getting working along with international agencies.”

Young said Government had seen an article last weekend and “one of the things we’re finding now is loose figures are being thrown out. For example there was a very loose figure thrown out by a Member of the Opposition – ‘400 fighters’ and ‘400 citizens’ gone abroad.
He added, “Of course this then gets repeated in a newsreel and news cycle. But we continue to debunk it. We are concerned as a Government (at the number), we’re not burying our heads in the sand. It’s something constantly on our monitor and is being dealt with on a daily basis.”
Minister of National Security, Edmund Dillon, said recently that 130 nationals were involved in terrorist activities overseas,  72 fighters and about 58 family members.

In 2016,  Opposition MP Dr. Roodal Moonilal had claimed 400 people were radicalized in Trinidad and Tobago and men, women and children had gone to join the ISIS terror network.
Young said Government’s recent statement on the conversation between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley was as much as could be said “at this stage.”
He said statements from Trinidad and Tobago and the White House mirrored each other on the conversation focusing on strengthening relations on trade, security and other areas.

He added, “Government continues to monitor the situation, we’re personally engaged with various parts of the US government, conversations are flowing and communication lines are very, very open. We may find in the coming time, there’ll be a continuation of those conversations and interactions.”
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