Government against PSC nominee …”OUT GOES HAROLD PHILLIP”

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Two down and others may go!

Government has rejected the nominations of Deodat Dulalchan and Harold Phillip for the post of Commissioner of Police.

Reason! They never applied for the position, so how could the PSC give them?

That is the position of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who told Parliament on Monday that neither Dulalchan nor Phillip applied to be Commissioner of Police. They applied to be Deputy Commissioner.

So where does that leave us?

Next in line, according to the Police Service Commission is the current acting Commissioner Stephen Williams and then, former Minister of National Security, Gary Griffith.

When the matter for the resolution of the nomination of Phillip came before Parliament, Rowley made it quite clear that Government had no horse in the race. After shutting down Phillip, Rowley said the matter would have to go back to the PSC to come up with another nominee.

Rowley blamed the Opposition for the process being used to appoint a Commissioner of Police. He said because of the process being used, Government has been having difficulty  in getting a permanent Commissioner in place.

But Opposition MP Ganga Singh said it was the late PNM Prime Minister Patrick Manning who changed the law and brought it to where it is today. He also said that Rowley, the Diego Martin West MP, voted for that change.
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