Gary Griffith intervenes …”WHY WASN’T MINISTER CHARGED?”

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If Minister of Public Utilities, Robert Le Hunte, was caught on Sunday night talking on his cell phone while driving, why wasn’t he charged?

That is a view of social media commentators after word leaked out that Le Hunte got a pat on his back and was told to go his merry way.

Le Hunte was pulled over by police for talking on his cell phone while driving near a construction site at the corner of Dock and Wrightson Roads around 8.30 pm.

According to reports, members of the TTPS Traffic Branch were on traffic control duty along Wrightson Road when they saw a car, driven by Le Hunte, attempting to drive through the work site.

Police attempted to get his attention to divert him onto the correct lane but saw he was talking on his cell phone.

Police told Le Hunte he had committed an offence. Le Hunte ignored the officer and a short while after came out of his car and told the officers, “Gary Griffith is on the phone for you.”

The police told Le Hunte that it was not proper protocol for officers to talk on a member of the public’s phone and even if he did, he was not certain the person he was addressing would be Gary Griffith since the officer could not recognise Griffith’s voice.

Commissioner of Police Griffith arrived on the scene shortly after and told the officers to let Le Hunte go.

But on Tuesday, Griffith has said the police who stopped Le Hunte on Sunday were in the wrong.

Griffith said they were in the wrong because they did not put up a ‘no entry’ sign at the entrance to the Hyatt Regency Trinidad, where Le Hunte was trying to go.

Griffith said one of his officers also acted inappropriately by not giving Le Hunte his correct regimental number.

He said it was not a matter of Le Hunte being on the phone as originally suggested, but was about Le Hunte trying to get into the Hyatt from Wrightson Road not knowing it was closed off.

Griffith added, “It’s not just because he is a Minister that I took his call, I take calls like that from hundreds of citizens with everything from traffic congestion, to neighbours stealing mangoes to reports of serious crimes. I will continue to work hard to foster closer relations between the public and the police.”

Griffith said while he is prepared to fight for the rights of citizens, he is also prepared to defend his officers if confronted by citizens.

No charges were laid against the Minister.

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