Gang violence at Chaguaramas Boardwalk …”3 KILLED, 3 WOUNDED”

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Three persons were shot dead and another three wounded when gunmen opened fire on a Carenage man at the Chaguaramas boardwalk on Sunday night.

According to reports, it would appear that the gunmen were marking a particular person and when the time was right, they pounced, shooting their target and five others persons. The incident took place around 7.15 pm.

One of the dead persons was identified as Fabien “Super” Williams, of Carenage. Police said he was a suspect in several shootings in the area, and they believe he was the main target.

The other people who died have not been identified as yet.

Also shot were Jakeem Moses, 8, of Pelican Extension, Morvant; Ian Brown, 20, of Upper Sea View, Carenage; and Keron Jones, 26, of Cleaver Heights, Arima.

When the shooting started, there were many persons at the boardwalk. They scampered in all directions. Those who were shot tried to escape the rapid automatic gunfire. Apart from Williams who was the target,  the others were considered collateral damage by the police.

The shooting was over in a flash, according to one eyewitness. She said the gunmen just walked away and escaped in a car heading towards Carenage. An urgent call was made to the police who did not respond quickly.

It allowed the gunmen to leave the Chaguaramas area without being detected.

Another witness said he believed the gunmen are from Carenage and quietly slipped back into their area.

Police said Williams was wanted for some time for shootings in the Carenage area and he had become a target for rival gang members in that community.

The three bodies were sent to the Forensic Sciences Center, Federation Park, for autopsies on Monday.

No one has been arrested.

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