Funeral for slain policeman …”INQUEST, OR CHARGES?

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One of the police officers involved in the shootout at Grand Bazaar ten days ago, was buried on Friday with full military rites.

But what about the other officer who fired the fatal shots?

How is the investigator proceeding – inquest or criminal charges?

The investigator is still compiling his report and has not gone to the Director of Public Prosecutions yet.

What are the important factors?

Was the deceased Sgt Darry Honore the instigator? Was Honore attacked by the other officer first?

Was the other officer defending himself when he was shot at by Honore? Did he use excessive force in pursuing Honore through the car park of Grand Bazaar? Were police weapons used in this incident, or were they privately-owned guns?

The entire police service is looking on at this investigation.

At the funeral service on Friday, Father Derek Anton said those persons who would turned to social media and made a mockery of the incident  should ask God for forgiveness and they themselves should be forgiven in order for healing to begin.

Anton urged the hundreds of mourners to forgive Honore and all others who were directly and indirectly involved in the incident which led to his death.

He added, “Healing can’t come unless we forgive and forgive from our heart. Also, it is a time to ask God to forgive them. It is God’s mandate for us to forgive and love each other as he has loved us.

“It is not in our place to judge. Leave it to the Lord. The world may be making jokes when we are weeping and wailing, but we have to ask God to forgive them, forgive those who have been insensitive, insulting and trivializing. We need to forgive them and ask God to forgive them.

“It is the only way for this family’s healing and the healing of this community and his colleagues.

“It is for the sake of ourselves, for the nation and for God’s sake. We need to put God at the centre of our lives and we need to follow God and keep to His Commandments. It is the only way we can have order and peace.”

Honore’s brothers, Dion and Duane, said they may or may not get justice on earth, but hope that God deals with the matter.

They added, “We should all be thankful for knowing Darryl and we ask that everyone remembers how wonderful a person he was. Sometimes good people make bad choices but it doesn’t mean that they are bad, it means we are humans.”

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