Fraud accused never left Trinidad …”VICKY CAUGHT HIDING IN PENAL”

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For those of you who love to gamble, the majority would have lost!

The majority of nationals were saying that accused fraudster, Vicky Boodram, was long gone after her extraordinary release from the Golden Grove State Prison, Arouca, on Monday afternoon.

Many were saying because of her connections, Vicky ‘done buss it’ to a country where there is no extradition treaty with Trinidad and Tobago. Countries like Panama and Costa Rica were on most lips.

Many say she was going to meet a well known Trinidadian businessman hiding out in Panama. Very few felt she was still in Trinidad, and even less believed she would hang out close to her home in Siparia.

But Vicky had no travel documents so she had to stay put for a while. But someone close to her said Vicky really had no desire to leave Trinidad. She was missing her freedom and local food which she did not get in prison.

“So the temptation was there to go out in the open after her escape and that was her downfall. She was spotted eating out and someone called the police,” a friend added.

The drama ended on Thursday evening when Vicky, 35, was recaptured by the police. What a soft ending to a dramatic departure from the women’s prison.

Officers from the Criminal Gang and Intelligence Unit headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Harold Phillip, acting on intelligence, went to a house at Sunshine Drive off Lachoos Road, Penal, at 6.40 pm. They later found Vicky hiding in the house.

Vicky was taken to the Penal Police Station where she was questioned, and later transferred to the Port-of-Spain CID for additional interrogation.

A 32-year-old female occupant of the house was also detained and faces charges of harbouring a fugitive.

The arrest of Vicky came after intelligence reports revealed that she was using a known cell phone in the Penal area. With the modern technology which the police have, they were able to zoom in on an area and catch Vicky.

Police said residents in the area claimed Vicky was seen having a meal at a fast food restaurant along the SS Erin Road. A member of the public who recognized her reportedly alerted the police.

Around 5.15 pm on Monday, two police officers went to the Arouca prison in a marked Nissan X-trail and presented prisons officials with what appeared to be a court order requesting Vicky to appear before a Tunapuna magistrate.

Sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, someone contacted the prison and said Vicky had secured bail. The prisons service became concerned when no court documentation affirming this was presented.

Vicky was scheduled to appear before both Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ and Siparia Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. Her Port-of-Spain matters have been adjourned to next month.

It was alleged both Vicky and a male companion arrived at the Siparia Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, where she told a clerk that she had been granted bail and asked that her lawyer ask for an adjournment of her matter there.

Boodram, whose last known address was 34 Gambal Street, Siparia, had been on remand since March 2016 after being denied bail on an additional 39 fraud charges. She has 175 fraud matters before the court beginning in 2011.

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