Franklin Khan in Thailand hospital …VIRAL INFECTION AFFECTED THE HEART

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A viral infection and not a heart attack, is the reason why Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Franklin Khan, landed in a Thailand hospital on Wednesday night.

It was reported that Khan and his wife Laura were vacationing in Thailand, but no notice was sent out by the Government that Khan was out of the country, and who was acting as Minister of Energy in his absence.

Khan will return to Trinidad as soon as he was medically fit to travel, says Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young.

Young said Khan contracted a viral infection which has affected his heart condition.

In July, Khan was hospitalised as he underwent a stent procedure at a private hospital to treat blocked arteries in his heart.

Speaking at the post-Cabinet press briefing on Thursday, Young said, “Minister Khan is currently in good condition. He is out of the country and in Thailand and what happened is, as you know recently Minister Khan had some heart issues and he had received some treatment a few months ago.

“Within the last couple weeks Minister Khan contracted a viral infection, the common virus, and before he went off on his trip to Thailand that seems to have affected his health. So while he was in Thailand he began to feel ill and what we are now being told despite the early feedback and the concerns earlier about a heart attack, it is none of that.”

Young said Khan was being treated for issues related to his heart that was brought on by a viral infection. “This virus has affected his heart condition and he had an accumulation of fluid in his lungs so he is receiving medical attention in Thailand. The Government has been in contact with both Minister Khan and his wife who is with him.”

Young said preparations were being made to have Khan return to Trinidad as soon as he was in a proper state to travel. “His journey home would be as comfortable as possible. It is not as serious as being suggested this morning.”

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