Four more murders reported …”WOMAN SHOT IN THE HEAD”

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Police are calling it an execution. A bullet to the head at close range.

That was how Vanessa Ali died. After she was shot, Ali’s body dumped off a lonely track at New Colonial Road, Barrackpore on Thursday morning. Was this a domestic-related case?

Her murder was one of four on Thursday. A man was killed in Couva, while two men were gunned down in Carapo.

Ali’s corpse was found near the Barrackpore Police Station around 11.05 am by a farmer who went to feed his fish.

Ali’s eyes were blue-black and there was a hole in her forehead from a single gunshot wound.

She was wearing a pair of short jeans, a pair Jordan sneakers and a black tank top. Her gold earings were missing.

The fish farmer told police he went to feed his fish in his farm at New Colonial Trace when he saw her legs sticking out from the bushes.

She was lying partially on her right side.

Villagers gathered at the scene as news spread about the body.

A villager said he saw two vehicles speeding out of the road around 11 pm on Wednesday.

District Medical Officer Dr Klem Ragobar visited the scene and ordered the body removed to the Forensic Science Center, Federation Park.

In the second incident, Jeremiah Stephens, 23, of Lodge Road, Claxton Bay, was shot dead at Springvale, Couva.

Stephens was at his girlfriend’s house at about 10.30 am when the incident occurred. Police said they believe that Stephens, who was also known as G5, was killed by a man who was jealous over his relationship with the woman.

Relatives at the scene said Stephens received death threats a few months ago. An arrest is imminent.

Trinidad and Tobago Under-17 footballer, Kya Edwards, was wounded while attempting to escape after a gunman.

Edwards, 15, was at her uncle’s house at Timbu East when the gunman walked up to an adjacent house firing several shots.

Edwards’ father, Enathus Barthol, 37, said his daughter was standing in her uncle’s yard together with him when they heard gunshots.

He added, “She ran down the hill to escape the bullets and that was when she fell and hurt her right leg. She told me she was getting serious pain from the hip, go down straight to her knee. My brother, who was there had to run and jump over a fence to escape. He could have been shot in the head. They didn’t see any face, just heard the gunshots and run.” Barthol said that while he is thanking God that his daughter and brother are safe, it has left him shaken as he, himself was shot and wounded last year May. He was shot four times and now moving around in a wheelchair.

In that incident, Barthol and four others were liming on the street at Lodge Road when two gunmen opened fire on them. One of the men, Diego Forde, 41, died on the scene. Barthol and three others were shot and wounded.

He said his prayer now is for his daughter to be in good health. “She plays football very well and it is her career and if something terrible happens to her leg football can be history for her and we don’t want that so I am hoping to hear good news.”

On Thursday night, two men were shot dead in Carapo.
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